Swedish Exchange Student:
Definition: Defined as a type of foreign exchangestudents that are extremely attractive, male or female; and their trademark is blonde hair with blue eyes. They come with rocking bodies, and it is said that pure viking blood run through their veins. They appear around high schools spread across the US, and they can be seen surrounded by curious Americans that act as if Sweden (frequently called Switzerland) is a magical fantasy kingdom, due to their lack of skills in geopraphy. The exchange students are also frequently asked if they speak swedenish/norwayish or german, and they are often surrounded by less intelligent Americans who believe that the Swedish exchange students ride their polar bears and/or reindeers to school and live off of hunting wild animals and sleeping in wooden huts.

Postat av: Linnea

Hahaha xD Var kommer den där texten ifrån? Stämmer det? :)

2012-10-15 @ 15:09:07
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